Apply for a cash loan on your bonus

Make Your Birthday Come Early This Year

At BonusBuddy, you qualify for a bonus loan with us throughout the year if you are a government employee! Celebrate your birthday early by borrowing on your birthday bonus 60 days before your bonus pay out and paying back once off with your bonus.

Why is it so Easy for a Government Employee?

In South Africa, government employees are all guaranteed a bonus each year. To top it off, in most cases they’re paid the bonus on their birthdays – making it an extra special day, which is why we call it a "birthday bonus”. Should you have taken the option to change your bonus month kindly notify us to enable us to assist you on your new bonus month.

For this reason, government employees are the only consumers we assist throughout the year and not just during the end of year bonus period.

How Does a Government Employee Qualify for a Bonus Loan?

If you’re a government employee, it’s very easy for you to qualify for a bonus loan, simply because, unlike many corporate employees, you are guaranteed your bonus every year.

  • You need to be employed for 2 years or more.
  • You need to make sure that you apply for your loan within 2 months (60 days) of your birthday(or your new chosen month), which is the date you will receive your loan.
  • Have an acceptable credit record
  • Not be over-indebted with numerous loans

Another great advantage is that no extra supporting documents are needed as your bonus is the same amount as your total gross income.

How Does a Government Employee Calculate their Bonus Loan?

Bonus Buddy allows you to borrow a maximum of 20% of your bonus. All you need to do is use the amount of your gross salary on your payslip and work out how much you would like to borrow with the maximum being 20% and a further limit of R5 000.

Apply now for your birthday loan with BonusBuddy and plan that birthday bash in advance!