Bonus Buddy

BonusBuddy is a division of SanFen Financial Services specializing in an Online Bonus Loan. The bonus loan has been a part of SanFen’s financial product offering for a number of years and continues to remain a customer favourite.

Due to the popular demand of our branch bonus loans, SanFen decided to take our services online allowing you to apply for your bonus loan anywhere, anytime when it is most convenient for you to do so.

SanFen Financial Services is a registered credit provider and was established in 1997 as a close corporation in Port Elizabeth. We continue to assist our clients with affordable and effective unsecured loans throughout the region.

BonusBuddy offers a unique short-term loan service where you are able to borrow on your annual bonus. What makes this offering so unique? BonusBuddy is the first financial lender in South Africa to offer this service!

With BonusBuddy, you can apply for a bonus loan up to 2 months before your bonus month. Why wait to enjoy your bonus when you can start enjoying it today?

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